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Mr. Mazen Sowan

Mr. Mazen Sowan

Mazen was CEO of Siemens AG North Africa (Morocco) for 26 years and worked for the group more than 34 years. During his tenure, Mazen oversaw strategic infrastructure project in Morocco in different fields of which: Production and distribution of electricity (Thermal power plant, hydroelectric Dam, renewable energy plant), chemical and mineral industry for phosphate, Airport infrastructure, Water & Sewage treatment plant and mobile & landline Telecommunications networks.

For 26 years as a CEO, Mazen was instrumental in the success of Siemens AG, particularly in Morocco and the North African region.

Mazen holds an Engineering and Economic Degree from Braunschweig University in Germany. Mazen is fluent in French, German and English.

Mazen was also the President of the German Moroccan Chamber of Commerce & Industry during many years.