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Mr. Laidi EL Wardi

Mr. Laidi EL Wardi

Laidi was CEO of the retail and corporate Banking Division of Banque Centrale Populaire (Morocco) where he was a member of both the Executive Committee and Management Committee. During his tenure, its responsibilities were extended to the group whole commercial banking, including the markets of Moroccans living abroad [M.R.E] and SME, representing nearly 55% of the group’s net banking income. He was also overseeing the upgrading of the group’s foreign distribution platform, that he organized around the branches of its banking subsidiary in Europe, Chaabi Bank. This overhaul of Chaabi Bank’s modus operandi abroad has made it possible to consolidate the group’s market share at more than 52% in customer deposits of Moroccans living abroad. Laidi has also actively steer the restructuring of the functioning of the Atlantic Banks, a sub-Saharan banking network acquired by the group, and the development of its Retail Banking activities within this network.

From November 2015, he initiated and supervised the creation and launching of a banking subsidiary dedicated to crowdfunding activities, which started its activities in August 2018. In June 2019, he supervised as Advisor to the Chairman and Group CEO of the Banque Centrale Populaire Group, the deployment of the strategy and program to restructure payment and mobile payment activities, to further strengthen the group’s position in financial inclusion and mass retail banking.

In February 2021, he joined an international think tank on blockchain and cryptocurrency. He is also a member of several boards of directors of financial institutions established in different jurisdictions (Morocco, Europe, sub-Saharan Africa).

Laidi is graduated from the Ecole centrale de Lyon and he holds several prestigious international executive certificates.