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With our collaboration of SOLANS Carbone, who is one of the leading technical firms in the carbon footprint and the valorization of organic waste, we will address your environmental questions. SOLANS Carbone is authorized to calculate and present you its results on the three main internationally recognized methodologies:

The two Europeans:

- Bilan Carbone® (Carbon Footprint)

- ISO 14069

And the American:

GHG Protocol.

Bilan Carbone® (Carbon Footprint) and ISO 14069 includes ISO 14064-1 for activities, ISO 14040 for products and 14064-2 for projects.

These standards will help you to instruct the customs files to reduce the customs taxes in Europe which will settle between 2023 and 2026 according to products.

We can conduct a carbon footprint audit and provide guidance to help your company measure and reduce carbon emissions. We can make recommendations for decarbonization tools, workshops, and energy saving.

6 Steps Method:

1. Climate Change Awareness – We can help you to identify your goals and issues;

2. Establish the scope – Determine which of the company’s activities should be included in the carbon analysis;

3. Data Collection – Gather, sort and highlight the most relevant data and information;

4. Analysis of results – Develop performance indicators and get detailed picture of the company’s current emissions using carbon footprint;

5. Suggest feasible reduction action plans – Prioritize ways to reduce energy consumption, improve the efficiency of existing systems, investing in new technologies and renewable energies;

6. Launching the action plan

If you need our expertise, please click on the link and fill the form and we will get back to your shortly.

Please click this link: https://forms.gle/jQVX3tVTLsGhxgrU9


M & A Advisory

  • Assisting and Introduction to potential strategic financial partners
  • Assisting and advisory on Identification of the right business partner and the potential targets
  • Advisory and Support in negotiation until the deal closing and after

Banking Advisory

  • Assistance in finding the right Financial or banking institution in the GCC region and internationally
  • Assistance in opening position with Private; Investment Banks in GCC and internationally
  • Assistance in negotiations with financial and banking institutions

Market Strategic Advisory

  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Studies
  • Project Feasibility
  • Growth Strategy, governance & Vision

Assistance and Study on Carbon Footprint and Environment

  • Assisting in Certification Advisory*
  • Assisting in Advisory on ESG*
  • Assisting in Carbon Credit Advisory*
  • Advisory with our affiliate company for sourcing of project
  • * through our international advisory partners

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